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French Guiana Hotel  Accommodations

French Guiana Travel Info and Hotel Discounts

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  Cayenne Chemin Hilaire Kourou
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Mercure Kourou Ariatel
Avenue de St Exupery-Kourou, 97310
Situated on the outskirts of Kourou, on the
edge of the -Bois Diable- lake, on 4 acres of private grounds.The hotel Mercure Ariatel provides all the facilities of a business
hotel in a leisure environment. .

Mercure Kourou Ariatel

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     French Guiana
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  French Guiana (French: Guyane française, officially Guyane) is an overseas département (département d'outre-mer, or DOM) of France, located on the Caribbean coast of South America and part of Caribbean South America. Like the other DOMs, French Guiana is also a région (région d'outre-mer) of France. It is the smallest political entity on the South American mainland (Suriname is the smallest independent South American country). It borders the Atlantic Ocean to the north, Brazil to the east and south, and Suriname to the west (part of the eastern border with Suriname is disputed).

Main article: History of French Guiana

First settled by the French in 1604, French Guiana was the site of notorious penal settlements (see Devil's Island) until 1951.

Main article: Geography of French Guiana

French Guiana consists of two main geographical regions: a coastal strip where the majority of the people live, and dense, near-inaccessible rainforest which gradually rises to the modest peaks of the Tumac-Humac mountains along the Brazilian frontier.

French Guiana's highest peak is Bellevue de l'Inini (851 m). Other mountains include Mont Machalou (782 m), Pic Coudreau (711 m) and Mont St Marcel (635 m), Mont Favard (200 m) and Montagne du Mahury (156 m).

The Barrage de Petit-Saut hydroelectric dam in the north of French Guiana forms an artificial lake and provides hydroelectricity. There are many rivers in French Guiana.

Several small islands are found off the coast, the three Iles du Salut Salvation Islands which includes Devil's Island and the isolated Ile de Connetable bird sanctury further along the coast towards Brazil.

A chronic issue is the influx of illegal immigrants and illegal gold prospectors from Brazil and Suriname. The border between French Guiana and Suriname is formed by the Maroni River which flows through rainforest and is difficult to patrol for French Gendarmerie forces. (The border line with Suriname is disputed.) Illegal gold mining generates pollution, especially by mercury, and is also a vector for alcoholism and sexually-transmitted diseases.
First settled by the French in 1604, French Guiana was the site of notorious penal settlements until 1951. The European Space Agency launches its communication satellites from Kourou.
Northern South America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Brazil and Suriname
Geographic coordinates:
4 00 N, 53 00 W
Map references:
South America
total: 91,000 sq km
water: 1,850 sq km
land: 89,150 sq km
Area - comparative:
slightly smaller than Indiana
Land boundaries:
total: 1,183 km
border countries: Brazil 673 km, Suriname 510 km
tropical; hot, humid; little seasonal temperature variation
low-lying coastal plains rising to hills and small mountains
noun: French Guianese (singular and plural)
adjective: French Guianese
Ethnic groups:
black or mulatto 66%, white 12%, East Indian, Chinese, Amerindian 12%, other 10%
Roman Catholic
euro (EUR); French franc (FRF)
Currency code:
Exchange rates:
Euros per US dollar - 1.1324 (January 2002), 1.1175 (2001), 1.0854 (2000), 0.9386 (1999); French francs per US dollar - 5.8995 (1998), 5.8367 (1997)

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